About Landscape Architecture License

Landscape architects are uniquely qualified to design and manage the built landscape. Before being allowed to practice, landscape architects must complete a comprehensive set of educational, internship and testing requirements to ensure competency and to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare. In addition, many states have implemented mandatory continuing education requirements to keep landscape architects up-to-date with current standards and practices.

Currently, all 50 states require landscape architects to be licensed or registered in order to practice. In the U.S., licensing is the prerogative of individual states under two types of licensure laws. Under provisions of Practice Acts, no unqualified individual may perform the work of a landscape architect. Under the provisions of Title Acts, no person may call themselves a landscape architect without holding a license.

For a map showing states with Practice Acts and Title Acts go to:  http://www.asla.org/StateGovtAffairsLicensure.aspx

In order to obtain a license to practice landscape architecture, candidates must have a degree from an accredited university plus one to four years of working experience (internship) prior to taking a uniform exam. The Landscape Architect Registration Exam (LARE) is a comprehensive exam which may include a separate state section. The exam is administered and graded by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Board (CLARB).

More State of Indiana information can be found on the State Board of Registration for Architects & Landscape Architects website -www.in.gov/pla/architect.htm. For information on registration, licensure and the LARE exam go to: www.clarb.org

Continuing Education

General Requirements
Registered landscape architects must complete during each two (2) year licensure period twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education in order to qualify for renewal of an active license.

No continuing education is required to renew inactive licenses.

Hours for continuing education units earned in one (1) license period may not be used in a subsequent license period.

Contact hour
A "Contact hour" means one (1) sixty (60) minute clock hour of an educational activity with no less than fifty (50) minutes of instructional content within the hour.

More Information
More information can be found on the State Board of Registration for Architects & Landscape Architects website -www.in.gov/pla/architect.htm.


The INASLA is a Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES) Approved Provider.

Continuing Education Unit credits are key to keeping your professional license current.

The Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES) is a collaboration of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA), Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA), Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB), Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB), and Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF).

LA CES establishes, maintains, and enforces standards for evaluating professional development and continuing education programs for landscape architects. Continuing education has never been more important for professionals; it is needed to stay up to date in the profession, to develop new areas of expertise, and is mandated for maintaining licensure in many jurisdictions. LA CES guides professionals in identifying courses that are appropriate for landscape architects and are offered by legitimate organizations that have controls and processes in place to monitor quality and track attendance.

The mission of the LA CES program is to assure landscape architects and licensing boards that courses provided by LA CES approved providers are of sufficient quality. Only providers that have met LA CES requirements may register courses with LA CES. Registered courses cover a broad range of subject matter and providers are required to identify those courses that meet the LA CES standard of health, safety, and welfare subject matter.

Individuals who complete a seminar/course receive a certificate of completion. Participant records and course materials will be kept on file at the Chapter Office in accordance with LA CES guidelines.  Please note: Seminars and courses presented by the INASLA do not always meet LA CES guidelines. Seminars and courses which do will be noted as being so.

Information regarding upcoming CEU credit courses presented by INASLA will be posted in the events page.

To download your LA CES course record go to http://laces.asla.org


The L.A.R.E. exam consists of four sections
Section 1 Exam – Project and Construction Management
Section 2 Exam – Inventory and Analysis
Section 3 Exam – Design
Section 4 Exam – Grading, Drainage and Construction Documentation

For more information on the breakdown of each Section Exam refer to the CLARB - The Landscape Architect Registration Examination (L.A.R.E.) Examination Specifications

Click here for more information on L.A.R.E. Administration Dates, Deadlines & Fees 

A number of very useful Resources for the new exam are available on the CLARB website page L.A.R.E. Resources for Sections 1-4 such as online practice tests, Orientation Guide and Candidate Checklist.

For more information contact – 
The CLARB Customer Relations staff
Phone: 571-432-0332
E-mail: info@clarb.org
Web: www.clarb.org