Indiana Licensure Update

 Indiana Licensure Update

"Thursday, August 20th, landscape architects from INASLA, both landscape architecture university programs in Indiana, as well as three professional practitioners made statements to the Job Creation Committee supporting the landscape architecture license in Indiana.  After some discussion addressing scope of practice, the JCC voted in favor of maintaining landscape architecture licensure in its current form, as they did for engineers earlier in the day. 

While there is still much work to do, thank you for your support and ongoing effort in advocating for landscape architecture.  I look forward to continuing this mission with you all." - INASLA President Jonathon Geels

2015 INASLA Annual Meeting Schedule

2015 INASLA Annual Meeting Schedule

This year, we aim to remind people of the universality of our profession, that landscape architects work to improve communities. We are about inclusiveness, unity, community, and accessibility.

INASLA professionals in our state have a strong commitment to the betterment of communities through the vehicle of design. Our works are examples and proof that Indiana is in fact full of progressive ideas and practices. We should be proud of Indiana and the quality of life that our profession has helped mold for our fellow Hoosiers.

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2015-2016 Executive Committee Call for Nominations

This is the last opportunity to submit nominations for the 2015-2016 INASLA Executive Committee.  The honor to select your professional representatives is bestowed upon each member of the chapter and is the vital link to ensuring the continued vitality of our organization.

There are few better ways to compliment one of your fellow professionals than to recommend them as a qualified candidate to apply their professional judgment towards making critical decisions on behalf of all INASLA members.  Likewise, there is no better way to give back to your profession than to volunteer your time and talents towards ensuring the continued growth of our profession.  Either of these important honors can be accomplished by simply participating in the INASLA Executive Committee nominating process by either nominating somebody else, or yourself.

Please take a few minutes to review the attached description of the available positions for the 2015 term and fill out the enclosed nominating ballot.  You do not need to complete the entire ballot for it to be valid; a single name for any one position is all that is required.

All nominations must be received by Friday, August 14th at 4:00pm.  If you have any questions about the nominating process please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at

Studying for the LARE?

Please join Michigan ASLA for a prep session for LARE Candidates at the University of Michigan Campus on August 22, 2015.  Candidates may attend separate sessions or attend all four sections in a full day.

Michigan ASLA LARE Review Session

2015 INASLA Professional Award Submittals

Each year the Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (INASLA) recognizes outstanding projects completed by individuals or organizations located in the State of Indiana. These awards are given in an effort to raise standards of excellence, heighten public appreciation of quality landscape architecture, and expand public awareness of the profession and ASLA. The award winners will be recognized at the INASLA Annual meeting which will be held at Indiana Landmarks on October 2, 2015, as well as have the projects spotlighted on the INASLA website.

Projects submitted may be located anywhere but must have had project involvement by a landscape architect who is or was located in the State of Indiana at the time the project was designed. An individual or organization must have completed the project within the past five years.

Award submittals are due Friday, August 7, 2015 by 4pm. Please see 2015 Design Awards Call for Entries for additional information and submission requirements.

Call For Entries

Powerpoint Template

2015 INASLA Golf Outing

Sign up for the golf outing before June 15th and receive a $10 discount! Also, there are discounts for any asla students interested in participating!

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2015 INASLA Golf Outing

UPDATE: Landscape Architecture Licensure Threatened in Indiana!

On behalf of the Indiana Chapter of ASLA, I would like to thank those who have been involved in the ongoing conversations regarding our landscape architecture license. Government Affairs is a vital role to the success of our profession and I would encourage all of the landscape architects in the state to be engaged with policymakers as it pertains to our practice.

Last week, a letter was sent out highlighting the potential recommendation to discontinue the license for landscape architects in Indiana. As a response to the Job Creation Committee (JCC), I authored a letter of opposition (see link below) outlining the systemic repercussions that would negatively impact all of the professional landscape architects (in Indiana and nationwide), their consultants, and most importantly the public. The JCC followed with a memo (see link below), inviting our chapter to further present information defending licensure and by extension the public. I invite you all to read those letters and to please send INASLA project information which shows registered landscape architects in the prime consultant role in important Indiana projects where health, safety, and welfare are of critical importance. This will be of great value as we gear up to make that presentation to the JCC.

INASLA will keep you informed as we navigate this process.

Again, thanks to all of you. It will take an effort from all of us, both short term and long term, to preserve the health and viability of our profession.

INASLA Opposition Letter



Jonathon Geels, PLA, ASLA
Landscape Architect | INASLA President

Landscape Architecture Licensure Threatened in Indiana!

Dear INASLA Members,

Through recent action of the Governor's Job Creation Committee (JCC), Landscape Architecture licensure is being threatened.

The JCC has been tasked with reviewing and evaluating all the occupational licensing boards overseen by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. The JCC's draft report includes the recommendation to discontinue licensure for Landscape Architects, however this recommendation has currently been tabled, allowing us time to present further information in support of maintaining our licensure. Under the advice of ASLA's Government Affairs staff, INASLA is preparing to seek legal assistance from a lobbyist. This effort is necessary to ensure the future safety of our Indiana License. If you are interested in participating in a Legal Defense Committee to interview lobbyists for this task, please contact INASLA President Jonathon Geels ( for more information.

Follow this link to read the full JCC report:…/JCC_-_2015_Annual_Report_for_Licens…

Please note that these are only recommendations of the Jobs Creation Committee at this point. They will need to be approved through the legislative process before any legal changes are officially made to our licensure.

INASLA takes this type of threat very seriously and will continue to put our full effort into advocating on behalf of all of the landscape architects in Indiana.

Thank you,
Jonathon Geels
Indiana Chapter President

2015 INASLA Annual Meeting - Save the Date

INASLA Annual Meeting - Save the Date

2015 INASLA Annual Meeting: Call For Presentations

We are pleased to announce that the Indiana Chapter of the ASLA is now accepting proposals for education sessions for the 2015 Annual Meeting and EXPO, October 2nd , in Indianapolis. If you are interested in presenting, participating in a panel, or hosting a workshop, please see click here.

Submittals should be sent to Bill Kincius, chair of the Annual Meeting Committee, at . Submissions have been extended to Friday, June 12th, by 5:00pm and should be no more than 3 pages in length. PDF or Word Documents are preferable.

ASLA Advocacy Day - April 23, 2015

Michael McCormick was the Purdue University student chapter member to travel to Washington D.C. with our Indiana Chapter for Advocacy Day. Michael had accepted a position at Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architecture in Burlington, Vermont. Please take a moment to read about his experience in Washington D.C.

"On April 23, I had the privilege to spend the day on Capitol Hill, advocating on behalf of the American Society of Landscape Architects. My day included meetings with legislative assistants from the offices of U.S. Senators Robert Casey and Pat Toomey, and a personal meeting with Congressman Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania's 18th legislative district. At Congressman Murphy's office, I first met with a staff member, and eventually the Congressman was able to join us. I was especially impressed with their interest in landscape architecture, and I shared as much as I could in our available 20 minutes.

I seize any chance I get to change the public perception of landscape architecture, and it's even better when that audience happens to be a member of Congress. Mark Focht, Adam Supplee and Lisa Kunst Vavro joined me for the meetings with staff from the offices of Senators Casey and Toomey. I especially enjoyed these meetings because we were presenting a diverse cross-section of the landscape architecture profession, with the four of us representing public, private, academic, and student interests, respectively.

I really enjoying increasing the awareness and visibility of landscape architecture among my elected officials, and overall, the staff and politicians themselves were receptive to our call for support of the Transportation Alternatives Program, Land and Water Conservation Fund, and the National Park Service Centennial Challenge.

In each meeting, I made an effort to personalize the conversion, and this was made easier due to a road trip I completed last summer, including visits to several national parks. During that trip, I spoke with a park ranger in Yosemite National Park who mentioned that a lot of the access roads to camping sites are almost impassable for visitors. This is important, because some camping sites require payment upon arrival, and if visitors cannot access these sites, money isn't being spent in the parks.

In addition, while admittedly a bit surprised at first, I really enjoyed being called upon to share my thoughts and experiences about the day in front of the Advocacy Day group once everyone had returned to the Grand Hyatt for our de-briefing session.

Overall, Advocacy Day was an eye-opening experience, and I am thankful for what I learned and the lasting connections and friendships that were made. I think it's impressive that every advocate was able to attend a meeting with both senators and their representative, and I would like to believe this means our elected officials are interested in learning more about landscape architecture and what we support. You could say I was bitten by the "advocacy bug", because I cannot wait to do this again. Until then, I look forward to supporting the interests of landscape architects on a more local level, especially once I move to Vermont to start my first full-time job in the landscape architecture profession.

I would like to thank Jonathon Geels, David Gorden, and the entire Indiana ASLA Chapter for financially supporting my Advocacy Day trip as a Purdue University student, even though I ended up meeting with representatives from my home state of Pennsylvania. Advocacy Day is a powerful tool for awareness and change, and I'm honored to have participated."

Michael McCormick at ASLA Advocacy Day    2015 Michael McCormick ASLA Advocacy Day

2015 INASLA Student Award Submittals

For any landscape architecture students that are members of INASLA interested in submitting a project for the INASLA student awards, please see the following information:

Call For Entries

Powerpoint Template

City of Fishers Proclamation

The City of Fishers has Proclaimed April 2015 as World Landscape Architecture Month! Congratulations and thank you to the many Landscape Architects whose contributions make the City of Fishers a vibrant community! Thank you to Rachel Johnson-Assistant Director of Planning and Eric Moeller, Fishers City Council, District Three for their support. Thanks also to Drew Braley with Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf for accepting the proclamation on behalf of the Indiana Chapter of ASLA at the council meeting on April 20th.

City of Fishers Proclamation

City of Fishers Proclamation

Join Us For Earth Day!

Earth Day Indiana Festival

Earth Day Design Your Own Space Packet

City of Fort Wayne Proclamation

Fort Wayne, Indiana Mayor Thomas C. Henry has Proclaimed April WORLD LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE MONTH in the city! Congratulations to the many Landscape Architects of Fort Wayne on your efforts to achieve this honor!

Fort Wayne Proclamation

2015 INASLA Annual Meeting

October 02, 2015
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Indiana Landmarks Foundation
1201 Central Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Save the Date: October 2nd

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