2018 INASLA Annual Meeting - Call for Presentations

We are pleased to announce that the Indiana Chapter of the ASLA is now accepting proposals for education sessions for the 2018 Annual Meeting and EXPO, Friday 9/14 at the NCAA Museum in Indianapolis. If you are interested in presenting, participating in a panel, or hosting a workshop, we encourage you to submit a proposal that meets the following criteria:

Title: Please provide a compelling title for your session in 15 words or less.

Marketing Statement: Please provide a one paragraph summary of your presentation to be used in the meeting brochure to identify why attendees should go to this session.

Learning Objectives: Please list a minimum of 3 main outcomes that your presentation will highlight to help professionals understand what they will gain by attending this session.

Theme: With current trends of economic growth and development on the rise, the role of Landscape Architects to guide planning and design decisions with our natural resources in mind is more vital than ever. As many federally funded initiatives, upon which Landscape Architects rely, are being reduced and the value of entities, such as the National Park Service, are being questioned, or ignored, we find it relevant to focus this year’s meeting around “Protecting the Natural World”. This theme will explore such topics as the preservation of natural lands, protecting our waterways, smart growth, support of public programs and facilities, the value of public space in urban areas, and other topical environmental issues. It will be our goal to focus speakers and sessions around these ideas.

Outline: Provide the framework for your presentation. It is understood that details may change, but the fundamental framework should not. The purpose of this segment is to identify how you will communicate your message to the attendees.

Speaker Bio: Please provide a 1 paragraph summary of who will be presenting. Additionally, names and email addresses for all presenters are required. Submittals should be sent to tameraj1029@aol.com. Submissions are due by Friday, June 15th, by 5:00pm and should be no more than 3 pages in length. PDF or Word Documents are preferable. Presenters will be notified of their selection by June 29th via email.

Criteria for Evaluation:

· Relevance to the profession of landscape architecture

· Clearly stated and achievable learning objectives

· Timeliness of the topic

· Subject matter appeal

· Appropriate audience type and expertise level (intermediate, advanced)

· Speaker qualifications

Please note: All sessions must be 50 mins long and non-proprietary. Vendor brands should not appear in the presentation