During his lifetime (1769-1859), Alexander von Humboldt was one the most famous people in the world. An explorer, geographer, naturalist, and man of many passions, he was one of the first to observe and document the impact of man on the environment. He was a major influence and inspiration to many notable historical and scientific figures including John Muir, Charles Darwin and Simon Bolivar. Except for the many towns, lakes, mountains, plants, and other things or places named for him, he has been mostly forgotten and overlooked. His fascinating life is chronicled in the most recent book by acclaimed writer Andrea Wulf, The Invention of Nature. Other bestselling books by Wulf include Chasing Venus, Founding Gardeners, and The Brother Gardeners.

Andrea Wulf will be speaking about Humboldt on May 5 at the 'Celebrating Nature' Spring Benefit Luncheon hosted by the Horticultural Society of Newfields. Event proceeds will be used to install native plantings in the gardens and grounds of Newfields.

Event registration information can be found at: https://discovernewfields.org/calendar/celebrating-nature-spring-benefit-luncheon