Four Principles for Interstate Reconstruction

AS A GROWING NUMBER of local businesses, community organizations, residents, architects and urban planners call on INDOT to rethink its plans to rebuild I-65/70 through downtown Indianapolis, it appears that INDOT is poised to move ahead rapidly, starting with reconstruction of the North Split.   

The Rethink 65/70 Coalition believes the following principles could yield a transformative solution that addresses INDOT’s goals for traffic management and still achieve the community’s desire to create connectivity, mobility and economic development for future generations.   

The Rethink 65/70 Coalition has asked INDOT to adhere to four criteria in developing its final plan:

  • No above-grade walls along the North, East, and South legs of I-65, I-65/70, and I-70;
  • No expansion of the number of above-grade through-lanes along the North, East, and South Legs of I-65, I-65/70, and I-70;
  • Increased connectivity of neighborhoods and areas of commerce divided by the interstates; and reduced visual barriers;
  • Increased opportunity for inclusive economic development along the path of interstates.  

They will continue to work with city and state officials, pushing for a solution befitting a growing and competitive city in the 21st century. 

What You Can Do Now

VOICE YOUR SUPPORT for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and rebuild the interstate in a way that creates connectivity, economic development, and quality of life for future generations. 

  • Tweet (or email or post) to Mayor, Governor and INDOT commissioner. You’ll find suggestions for what to say on the Get Involved page on the Rethink website. In fact, let all elected officials who represent you know how you feel about a widened highway.
  • Tell family and friends to sign up to get our e-letter and updates about developments.
  • Ask your employer or organizations where you’re involved to officially join the Rethink coalition (see the growing list of supporters).