After years in development, a rule was drafted several years ago by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) that would ban the sale in Indiana of highly invasive plants (as identified by the Indiana Invasive Plant Advisory Committee and submitted to the Indiana Invasive Species Council). The rule was submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for review where it languished. Finally, this past July it was presented to the Natural Resources Commission which gave its approval.

The next step in the arduous rule making process is a public comment period which is now in place. It will conclude with a public hearing on December 20. A statement of support for the Rule will be given on behalf of INASLA at that hearing by chapter Trustee, David Gorden.

In the meantime, INASLA members are encouraged to submit personal written comments. They would be very effective and well regarded.

To post a comment: https://www.in.gov/nrc/2377.htm

This links to the Indiana Natural Resources Commission's rule webpage. Scroll down the page to "Comment on a Proposed Rule".

This links to a page titled "Proposed Rules". Scroll to bottom of page where several rules are listed including "The Terrestrial Invasive Plant Rule". Options there include viewing the rule, seeing the rule timeline, and commenting on the rule.

The rule currently does not include Callery Pear and Norway Maple among the prohibited plants, despite the fact that both are identified as invasive. They were intentionally omitted because of the deemed economic value of the species to the Indiana nursery industry. It is hoped that after an appropriate transition period, they will be added to the list of prohibited plants.

Please contact David Gorden at dgorden@holemanlandscape.com with any questions or comments.