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Executive Committee

Below is the current executive committee.  The committee meets once a month.

Julie Barnard

Vice President
Tammy Doty-Davis

Treasurer- Elect
Monica Guillaud
Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf

Member At Large
Samantha Bronowski
Rundell Ernstberger Associates

Associate At Large
Adam Kutemeier
Troyer Group

President Elect
Randy Royer
Hitchcock Design Group

Camille Shoaf
Hitchcock Design Group

David Gorden
Mark M. Holeman, Inc.

Member At Large
Pat Stout
Rundell Ernstberger Associates

Associate At Large
Kristopher May
HWC Engineering

Immediate Past President
April Westcott
Irrigation Design Source

Christi Jackson
The Schneider Corporation

Member At Large
Joseph Blalock
Ball State University

Associate At Large
Marc Ancel
Context Design

Executive Committee Minutes


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ASLA Board of Trustee Reports

Annual Report 2018 | Mid-Year Report 2018

Annual Report 2017 | Mid-Year Report 2017

Annual Report 2016 | Mid-Year Report 2016

Annual Report 2015 | Mid-Year Report 2015

Annual Report 2013 | Mid-Year Report 2013

Annual Report 2012 | Mid-Year Report 2012

Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2010 | Mid-Year Report 2010

Past Presidents

2017-2018 - April Westcott, ASLA

2016-2017 - Bill Kincius, ASLA

2014-2016 - Jonathon Geels, ASLA

2013-2014 - Stacy L. Haviland, ASLA

2012-2013 - Catherine Clark, ASLA

2011-2012 - Fred Prazeau, ASLA

2010-2011 - Cory Daly, ASLA

2009-2010 - Sean Rotar, ASLA

2008-2009 - Catherine Clark, ASLA

2007-2008 - Dennis L. Murphy, ASLA

2006-2007 - Corrie Meyer, ASLA

2005-2006 - Julie E. Zigler, ASLA

2004-2005 - Scott L. Siefker, ASLA

2003-2004 - Jeffrey R. Mader, ASLA

2002-2003 - Dean Hill, ASLA

2001-2002 - Debra L. Schmucker, ASLA

2000-2001 - Kevin A. McCrory, ASLA

1999-2000 - Deane D. Rundell, ASLA

1998-1999 - David Gorden, ASLA

1997-1998 - Ron L. Taylor, ASLA

1996-1997 - Jeff Bolinger, ASLA

1995-1996 - Malcolm D. Cairns, FASLA

1994-1995 - Nola L. Albrecht, ASLA

1993-1994 - Kevin K. Parsons, ASLA

1991-1993 - C. Edward Curtin, FASLA

1990-1991 - Margaret T. Storrow, ASLA

1989-1990 - James McDonald, ASLA

1988-1990 - Donald J. Molnar, FASLA

1987-1988 - John R. Russell

1986-1987 - Phillip E. DeTurk, ASLA

1985-1986 - Charles N. Steele, ASLA

1984-1985 - Joann K. Green, ASLA

1983-1984 - Kevin L. Runion, ASLA

1982-1983 - Charles Kiphart, ASLA

1981-1982 - Gary Bolier, ASLA

1980-1981 - Bernard L. Dahl, FASLA

1979-1980 - Harold McGee, ASLA

1978-1979 - H. Jay Harris

1977-1978 - Claire R. Bennett, FASLA

1976-1977 - Theodore D. Walker, FASLA

1975-1976 - Anthony Bauer, FASLA

1973-1975 - James Browning, ASLA

1971-1973 - John Lantzius, CSLA


The designation of Fellow indicates that an individual has been recognized by his or her peers as having accomplished extraordinary work in the elected category over a sustained period of time. Individuals considered for this distinction must be members of ASLA in good standing for at least ten years and must be recommended to the Council of Fellows by the Executive Committee of their local chapter, the Executive Committee of ASLA, or the Executive Committee of the Council of Fellows.  Election is based solely on professional excellence and outstanding accomplishments as represented in the nomination materials presented for each nominee. Fellows are elected based on their contributions in one of four categories:

1. Works of Landscape Architecture
2. Administrative Work
3. Knowledge
4. Service to the Profession

David Gorden, FASLA - 2018
Eric Ernstberger, FASLA  - 2016
Scott Siefker, FASLA  - 2016
Meg Storrow, FASLA  - 2015
Meg Calkins, FASLA  - 2015
Deane Rundell, FASLA  - 2013
Ron Taylor, FASLA  - 2013
Bernie L. Dahl, FASLA  - 2005
C. Edward Curtin, FASLA  - 2004
Malcolm D. Cairns, FASLA  - 2004
Virginia L. Russell, FASLA  - 1997 (INASLA Co-nominated with Ohio and Kentucky Chapters)
Donald J. Molnar, FASLA  - 1991
Claire Richardson Bennett, FASLA  - 1984

Charter Members

The Indiana Chapter became the 20th State Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects in 1972, and held its first official meeting on April 6, 1973.   John Lantzius, ASLA, a professor at Ball State University’s “Program in Landscape Architecture” became INASLA’s first president. At the conclusion of that first meeting, an announcement was sent out to all landscape architects in Indiana reading: “This is the first official meeting of the ASLA Indiana Chapter and one of the first opportunities for professionals, students and faculty in the state to get together.  There is a great deal for our profession to accomplish in Indiana, and now is the time to show our initiative---come see what our profession has been doing and participate in where we go from here!”  That charge from the first meeting over 40 years ago continues to be a calling for landscape architects in Indiana. A listing of the Indiana Chapter Charter Members follows:

Anthony Bauer, Clarence Davies, Fred Gerlach, David C. Klauba, John L. Lantzius, James K. Perkins, David Rogier, Theodore D. Walker, James Browning, Claire Bennett, Dan Young, Richard A. Boots, Jack Benddenbach, Robert A. Brittan, Stephen Compton, Dean C. Eberhardt, Ronald L. Hayduk, William B. Eviston, John Hill, Charles E. Kiphart, Stephen Meyerholtz, Dennis J. Noak, Orrin R. Jessions, Duane L. Schaffer, L.B. Zuercher, Bernard L. Dahl, H. Jay Harris, Robert M. Hartman

Student Chapters

The purpose and mission of the Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (SCASLA) is to enhance the educational experience of undergraduate landscape architecture students attending Ball State University and Purdue University by promoting awareness of the profession of landscape architecture through leadership opportunities, education, service, and professional interaction.

As registered student organizations through the Ball State and Purdue Universities and the American Society of Landscape Architects, SCASLA organizers aim to build bridges between the landscape architecture student community and professional landscape architects in Indiana.

Ball State University

Department of Landscape Architecture -
Ball State Student Chapter site -
Ball State - Land8Lounge site -
Student Chapter  - 
Landscape Architecture program -

Purdue University

Horticulture & Landscape Architecture -
Purdue facebook page -

LA Students Facebook page - LARCH

Connect with landscape architecture students across the country and work together to make the future of the profession even brighter: